Tamdhu - Speyside, Scotland

This is the story of Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt Whisky



We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation - Voltaire, French Philosopher, circa 1755


For 200 years the world marvelled at an age of Enlightenment, Industry and Endeavour

There was a time when the world turned to Scotland for the next innovation. From manufacturing to medicine, it was an age where anything seemed possible: obstacles were there to be defeated.

1748 - David Hume’s ‘An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding’ published
1765 - Steam engine perfected by James Watt
1776 - Adam Smith’s ‘The Wealth of Nations’ published
1839 - Bicycle refined by Kirkpatrick MacMillan

An ambition fuelled by a Can-Dhu-Spirit

These industrious innovators all had one thing in common; they were proud purveyors of a
A belief that anything is possible.

We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation - Voltaire

This inspired a company of gentlemen to build the era's most remarkable distillery

Enthused by a legacy of enlightenment, Tamdhu’s founders set out to construct the most pioneering distillery in the world. A water wheel positioned beneath the floor for optimum performance, kilns redesigned to reduce heat loss – and waste extracted by Archimedean Screw, direct to the distillery’s own railway station. Few names other than Tamdhu so embody the 'Can-Dhu-Spirit' of our grand Industrial Age.

The ideal Speyside location, with water flowing from its own spring, circa 1899
The original plans of Charles C Doig, the pre-eminent distillery engineer of the day, circa 1897
Tamdhu Distillery, Speyside, circa 1897.
Dalbeallie Station, purpose built for the distillery, circa 1899

But with one aim: Producing the 'Worlds Finest' malt whisky

However, fine whisky is not created by technical innovation alone. Carefully selected barley was expertly malted, then combined with cold, clear water direct from the Tamdhu spring. The final ‘ingredient’: fine oak casks from the most trusted sources. Together, these elements combined to ensure the unswerving magnificence of every drop.

A Spirit Reborn Today

113 years later the distillery fell silent, but its soul lived on. Fuelled by the same 'Can-Dhu-Spirit' and passion for quality that inspired those daring merchants an age before, Ian Macleod Distillers took on the challenge. A family enterprise, independent in thought and ownership, they set out to return the eminent distillery to former glory.

Sandy Coutts, Distillery Manager, 2013
Colin Coutts, Process Operator, 2013
The distillery's five stone warehouses reawaken, 2013
Tamdhu's six stills, once again nurturing our spirit, 2013
Process Operator Ross Andrews, with a hand-selected sherry oak cask, 2013
Traditional tools rest on a new Oregon Pine washback, 2013

Using, just as then, only the finest sherry oak casks

To honour their efforts, the sherry casks in use today are of the same quality insisted upon in 1897. Only the best European and American oak is selected to mature the precious spirit. These casks are amongst the finest in the industry with a high proportion being first-fill and teeming with flavour.

Ten Year Old

Matured exclusively in sherry casks

Bursting with fruit and spice – gently yielding to toffee and sherry oak with the merest wisp of peat smoke.

Our latest awards

Ten Year Old Limited Edition

Matured in 100% First Fill sherry casks

Aged solely in world’s finest First Fill sherry oak, this rare and limited release is uniquely full bodied and rich; with dried fruits, cinnamon and citrus.


Tamdhu - Speyside, Scotland