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For 200 years an age of Enlightenment,
industry &
was fuelled by a 'Can-Dhu-Spirit'

There was a time when the world turned to Scotland for the next innovation. From manufacturing to medicine, it was an age where anything seemed possible: obstacles were there to be overcome.

This Inspired

A Consortium of Gentlemen to build The Era's
Most remarkable
with but one aim: Producing the world's
Finest single malt whisky

Enthused by the optimism of 1897's Diamond Jubilee, a consortium of merchants and gentlemen of the whisky trade raised today's equivalent of £20 million. Driven to produce the finest whisky in the world, they set out to construct the most advanced distillery yet devised.

Having first acquired a unique site on the banks of the River Spey, they enlisted the ingenuity of Charles C Doig Esq - the pre-eminent distillery architect and engineer of the day. Doig insisted upon employing only the most advanced techniques of whisky production, delivering unrivalled consistency and quality. This ensured every drop was as magnificent as the one before.

'The Most modern of

'Perhaps the best
designed and most efficient
distillery of its era'

Alfred Barnard, 1898

What Doig designed and built was nothing less than the most pioneering distillery of the age. A water wheel positioned beneath the floor for optimum performance, kilns redesigned to reduce heat loss and waste extracted by Archimedean Screw, direct to the distillery's own railway station. Few names other than Tamdhu so embody the 'Can-Dhu-Spirit' of our grand Industrial Age.

The Can-dhu-spirit That changed
the world

1897 - 2011

Tamdhu lived on through the ups and downs of the 20th Century on the banks of the River Spey, until it was closed in 2010.

Inspired by the founders' vision, the distillery was then purchased in 2011 by Ian Macleod Distillers - a family company independent in thought and ownership.

Re-commissioned in 2012, the new owners set out to return this eminent malt to its former glory.

A Spirit

Reborn 2013


Now Just as then Matured in Only the
Finest Sherry
Oak Casks

The sherry casks in use today are of the same type insisted upon when the distillery was established in 1897. Only the finest oak holds Tamdhu's spirit. These traditions create a Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky worthy of the name Tamdhu — a spirit the founders would recognise as their own.

Sherry casks are absolutely essential for the flavour and colour of Tamdhu. The casks are also phenomenally expensive – but it wasn’t always that way. When Tamdhu began in 1897, sherry casks were somewhat of a bargain. Grant, Dewar and Walker had them shipped to Speyside to hold the precious Tamdhu spirit.

Today, sherry casks are some of the rarest and most expensive on the market. We go to great lengths to secure our own private supply of casks from Jerez in Spain. The casks are emptied of sherry and shipped to Speyside. We insist they are sent whole – others dismantle the casks to save space for shipping, but keeping them whole ensures none of the flavour is lost. Every batch is nosed and inspected before it's deemed fit for the new make spirit.

The casks are either first or second fill, European or American oak. This mix of wood, age and size of the casks allows us to create a perfectly balanced single malt – and to make sure every drop is as magnificent as the one before.

Today every cask is still matured on the banks of the Spey in the cool shadows of the traditional dunnage distillery warehouses.

Tamdhu today is driven by the same spirit that fuelled its founders.
It honours a time when obstacles were there to be overcome.
When anything seemed possible.

Our warehouses are nurturing the next generation of Can-Dhu-Spirit for you to enjoy.

Sandy McIntyre, Distillery Manager, 2015

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