Limited Edition

Tamdhu. Born 1897. Reborn 2013. An achievement marked with this very special release of only 1000 bottles – a perfect dram to celebrate the long awaited return of the iconic Speyside Single Malt.

For this Limited Edition we mature in 100% First Fill Sherry Oak Casks, just as the founders' intended over 100 years ago when the distillery was first established.

These scarce and much sought-after first fill sherry casks deliver an exquisite natural dark colour that speaks for itself. 10 years of careful maturation ensure a truly memorable depth and complexity of flavour in this exclusive expression.

A unique bottling, not to be missed – by malt-fan, collector or investor alike.

The Experience

A sense of DRIED FRUIT
Initially on the nose, dried apricot and leather mix with dried fruits, light citrus and fresh cloves.
A hit of SPICE
On the palate, the powerful taste of rich sherry oak combines with a full bodied and syrupy sweetness; then offering an intense depth of spice and fresh fruit.
A touch of CINNAMON
Finally, the finish offers a burst of cinnamon, followed by vanilla and a hint of toffee.

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